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      ethereality avatarethereality
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      Introduce Yourself

      Hi ALL community! I’m Sophia, part of the Stages Learning team. I’m based in Brooklyn, New York and passionate about equity in our education systems. I’m also a geek about civic engagement and the general state of our democracy. I’m one of the moderators here on the forum, so I just wanted to say hello!

      I’m excited about this community because now, more than ever, I think it’s really important to find community to support each other.

      Why are you all here? Feel free to introduce yourselves on this thread.

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      PattyM avatarPattyM
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      Hi Everyone! I’m Patty, and I’ve been part of the Stages team for about 6 years.

      I live in Los Angeles, and am passionate about helping under served communities find resources they need. Recently, I’ve been translating English Autism materials for spanish speaking families.
      I’m excited to get to know everyone better, and find ways to support you all while we navigate the new normal.

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      topikbotak avatartopikbotak
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      Hi all, I’m Taufiq, I’ve work as an pediatric occupational therapist for about 17 years and and also a big brother of a person with autism.

      I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, besides working a an occupational therapist I also actively involved in advocating autism rights with Autism Foundation of Indonesia nationally and in regionally with ASEAN Autism Network

      I’m eagerly to learn more from this forum. And thank you for having me here

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      Nondi avatarNondi
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      Hi Everyone, I am Chandan .

      Hope you are all safe and feeling good by blessing of God. I am from comilla, Bangladesh. Here i am working as a quality assurance person under Coca-Cola bottling plant. My education background subject is chemistry. I had completed my education Masters of Science (M.Sc.) under National University of Bangladesh. I have vast knowledge about hygienic , Quality Management System(QMS) , Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) etc.

      I am very much excited about this community. Its really important to find community to support each and others. I want to learn more from this forum. I am feeling very well to able to add myself here and i wish to work here as a Moderators.

      Thanks everyone.

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      Ang avatarAngelelizabethhall
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      Hi. I’m a busy parent and I hope to communicate with other parents, get advice, give advice, vent… It’d just be nice to communicate with other parents of children with autism. Also I’m into autism news, learning ideas, educational materials… I’m a single mom to my 7 year old autistic daughter and I really do everything on my own so I’m also looking for community resources. Child care, kid functions for the children and parents like me…

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      Xhorxhina avatarXhorxhina
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      Hi. I am xhorxhina . I am a slp in Albania. I work with kids from 1-9 years old. I have 4 years of experience in my field . I work with kids with communications problems expecially with autism
      Is a big pleasure for me to be part of this community . Is really important to support each other in our work with kids. To give our support for all parents who live every day with those problems
      Thank you

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